Refrigerators are expensive appliances. Ideally, you would try to have your refrigerator last as long as possible in order to avoid both having to replace your refrigerator and causing your refrigerator to lose its efficiency, which can cause it to cost you more over time. There are many different methods to improve the lifespan of your refrigerator, and many of these are easy to use techniques.

5 Tips To Improving Your Refrigerator’s Lifespan

Reduce Heat Around Your Fridge

Reduce-Heat How do I make my refrigerator last longer?

The hotter it is in the area near your refrigerator, the warmer the inside becomes, and the harder it has to work. Ideally, you would keep your fridge away from the stove, away from sunlight, away from heaters, and away from any heat source that could cause it to warm up.
If you can, it would also be best to keep your fridge on a ground floor where the air will be cooler.

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Fill Your Fridge

Fill-Your-Fridge How do I make my refrigerator last longer?

The inside of the fridge is not all the same temperature. Temperature ranges fluctuate often, and the more air there is inside of the fridge, the more those temperatures fluctuate.
By filling your fridge up as much as possible, the inside of the refrigerator will be able to maintain a more consistent temperature, which will ensure it does not have to work extra hard.

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Keep Your Fridge at 38 or so Degrees

38-or-so-Degrees How do I make my refrigerator last longer?

The higher the temperature of your fridge, the more energy it uses. Many refrigerators go up to as high as 40 degrees, but anything over 38 increases the risk of food borne illness, so your best plan is to keep your refrigerator at 38 degrees, where it is cold enough to keep food from spoiling but warm enough that your refrigerator does not have to work as hard.

Maintain the Gasket

Maintain-the-Gasket How do I make my refrigerator last longer?

The refrigerator’s gasket is one of the most important tools for keeping the inside of the fridge cold so that your refrigerator does not have to work as often. To ensure that the gasket is maintained, check it often, make sure your fridge is level at all times, and clean it often in order to increase its efficiency.

Know What You’re Getting

Refrigerators that you use as a treasure hunt for your next meal lose cold air quicker, requiring it to work harder in order to get the air cool again.
By planning ahead for what you are taking out, you can simply open the door to the fridge, get what you need, and close it without losing too much air.

Reducing Your Refrigerator’s Labor

Reducing-Your-Refrigerators-Labor How do I make my refrigerator last longer?

The less often your refrigerator has to work hard to cool down the inside of the compartment, the longer your refrigerator will last. In addition, you will notice that all of the above tips also help to keep your food cooler as well, which is important for reducing illness and increasing the lifespan of the products you place inside the fridge as well.
By adhering to these instructions, your refrigerator will use less energy and last considerably longer.

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