Be it beer, wine, or kombucha, a kegerator is just fantastic to keep your beverages chilled and fresh in the comfort of your home. The best kegerator fridge/Beer Fridge can hold multiple kegs and dispense icy beverages and brews with perfect ease.

A kegerator is way more superior to the hand-operated kegs of your college days (the ones that produced foamy and stale tasting brews).

Kegerators have a special design that lets them pressurize a keg and circulate the suds through a draft line into the tap without hand-pumping. Being as small as a mini-fridge, they fit easily into any home or bar décor with ease.

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Whether it’s a portable keg you desire to buy or just a no-nonsense kegerator for keeping your beverages chilled, we’ll review the top kegerators in the market so that you make the best purchase.

But first, let’s clear out a few of your critical questions…

What is a kegerator

Some of you may be wandering “what is a kegerator?”  Basically, a kegerator is refrigerator for your keg of beer.  It can preserver your keg longer, keep your beer fresh, and allow you to have draft beer at home.  I have researched a lot of  kegerators in attempt to find the best kegerator out there for me and for my beer! After looking long and hard and getting feedback from other people here are the suggested top 4 kegerators:

How long a Keg of beer stays fresh in a kegerator?

It depends on the CO2. If your kegerator is given proper pressure, pasteurized beer will last up to three to four months while the unpasteurized beer will last around a month and a half to two months.

Are Kegerators economical?

The cost of a kegerator may seem high initially but you save a lot of money on beer in the long run.

Don’t believe it yet?

Let’s make you to!

A standard half-sized keg holds 15.5 gallons (165 12-Ounce Beers). A Bud Light keg costs $185 (on an average) while a case costs around $20. Going for the same amount per bottle can cost you around $220 to $300. That works out to around $35 to $117.50 every time you refill.

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Can you keep a kegerator in the garage?

Yes, why not? You can keep a kegerator anywhere that has a power supply and is protected from undesirable elements.

Key Terms that will help in setting up and using your Beer Kegerators

  • PSI  – pounds per square inch – typical settings between 6-10 – helps control the amount of foam and integrity of pour.
  • CO2 – Carbon dioxide – pumped into keg to push beer out

Parts of a Kegerator you should know

  1. CO2 tank – Regulator – Coupler
  2. Beer & Air Line
  3. Tap & Tower
  4. Drip Tray , Faucet and Faucet Handle
Always conduct the following troubleshooting steps:
  1. Let the keg sit to allow time for cooling.
  2. Make sure the thermometer is working correctly and is properly calibrated.
  3. Double check the volume level on your carbonation for the beer.
  4. Place glass of water in unit with temp guage to verify temperature

Quick Facts

1/2 keg: Holds 15.5 gallons, which is 7 cases of beer

1/4 keg: Holds 7.75 gallons, which is 3 1/2 cases of beer

Beer ball: Holds 5 gallons of beer, which is equal to 2 1/4 cases of beer.

Let’s get down to the business now!

Here are the Top Rated 4 Best Outdoor Kegerators/Beer Fridge Reviews of 2021

Best Rated Product

#1.SPT BD-0538 Mini Kegerator & Dispenser


  • CO2 Pressure Control
  • Thermoelectric cooling technology
  • LED temperature display
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Stainless steel housing

SPT BD-0538 Mini Kegerator & Dispenser, well an attractive and high-tech countertop beer dispenser is just perfect for house parties. It chills the beer well within 20 hours and stores it at the optimum temperature of 35 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

It keeps your beer fresh and chilled up to a month, thanks to its CO2 cartridge pressure system, and accepts standard 5-liter kegs and 5-liter Heineken mini-kegs.

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Best Rated Product

#2.Kegco Mini Kegerator Commercial/Residential 


  • Sleek & compact design
  • Field reversible door design
  • Can hold a 2.5-gallon keg
  • Powerful compressor cooling system
  • Fan-forced cooling

Thrill your guests with a perfect draft beer with the Kegco HK-46 mini kegerator. Being equipped with high-quality and world-class parts, it makes sure that every pour is delicious and consistent.

The compact and sleek design allows Kegco Mini Kegerator to comfortably sit on the countertop without taking too much space. Its compatibility with any standard electrical outlet and low profile design lets it integrate into most spaces seamlessly.


  • Premium Quality
  • Ice Cold Beer
  • Compact Design
  • Homebrew Compatible
  • Premium Dispense Kit
  • Fits Anywhere


  • None
Best Rated Product

#3.Alfresco 28-Inch Kegerator & Refrigerator


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Adjustable temperatures
  • Can be converted into a refrigerator
  • Fan-operated evaporator

If you are looking for a true all-weather kegerator & refrigerator that performs amazingly well even in extreme high and low temperatures, then Alfresco 28-Inch Kegerator & Refrigerator can prove to be a great choice for you.

It’s made of high-quality and stainless steel and is extremely versatile as it can be converted from a kegerator to refrigerator and from a refrigerator to a kegerator with the best kegerator kit.


  • Premium
  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Easy to organize drinks
  • Can be converted to a refrigerator


  • None
Best Rated Product

#4.Greenhouse Portable Beer Dispenser and Kegerator


  • Supersonic vibration technology
  • Simple design and operation
  • Compatible with different beer types
  • Delivers a premium beer experience

Enthrall your beer fanatic loved ones with this fantastic portable beer dispenser and kegerator. This easy and quick-to-use appliance gives you a silky taste, thanks to its supersonic vibration technology. The design of the Greenhouse Portable Beer Dispenser and Kegerator is simple and is extremely fun to use.

It works amazingly well with different types of beer such as lagers, ales, stouts, IPAs, sours, beers, porters, ambers and, more. That’s why it is one of the best kegerator under $500.


  • Easy and quick to use
  • Gives ultra-fine foam
  • Easy to clean up
  • Versatile
  • Great gift


  • None

Types of Kegerators

There are few critical things to consider when choosing the best kegerator. Let’s start with size and placement. Kegerators come in different sizes, some are small enough to fit easily on a countertop while others are more suitable for a bar.

There are different kegerators for outdoor and indoor spaces; some can be installed into a bar counter or a kitchen while some roll on casters for easy movement. 


If you have a small space then getting the best small kegerator can be the best choice for you. They are usually budget-friendly and are great for those who aren’t willing to commit to a larger one.


Getting a freestanding kegerator is also a great option. This type does not need any drilling or conversion to install and can stand alone. Just put in the keg, connect all the parts together, turn its power on, and there you go, fantastic and cold draft beer is ready for you to devour on.

Many freestanding units also have casters for easy and smooth movement. Just keep in mind that most freestanding kegerators need some space behind them for proper ventilation.


A built-in kegerator is a more reliable option. They are just amazing for home bars and kitchens. They allow you to install the draft tower into the countertop for a seamless and sleek look. Most built-in kegerators are equipped with a front-facing ventilation system.

This means that you can install it against a wall without the risk of overheating.


An outdoor kegerator can withstand almost any external element. They are manufactured using durable materials to prevent rusting and damage from snow, rain, and hot and cold temperatures. They are great for unheated garages, backyard patios, and outdoor bars.

More importantly, they protect the electrical components inside as they are safely sealed.


Some restaurants, bars, and event spaces use commercial kegerators. They are larger than residential versions and have the capacity to hold full-size kegs. They can withstand the challenges of a commercial environment as they feature durable and easy-to-clean materials.

Things to keep in mind while choosing a Kegerator

Choosing the perfect kegerator takes some thinking and planning. There are different configurations and sizes available. You need to think about your space and the type of beer you want to have on tap. It’s important to know that some craft breweries and beer brands sell their kegs in certain sizes.

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Size & Weight

It’s important to consider the dimensions of both exterior and interior while choosing a kegerator. Since it is meant to accommodate a keg of beer, most full-size home kegerators take up a decent amount of space.

Apart from the main fridge, the draft tower must be taken into account. With some units, you also need extra space for suitable ventilation.

The dimensions of the interior are as important as the dimensions of the exterior as space inside affects the number and types of kegs that you can store. If you want to move the kegerator for changing seasons or events, going for a lighter unit will be much better.

A light kegerator is much easier to install, whether you want to put it in an upstairs den or a downstairs basement.

Tap Configuration

The tap configuration of a kegerator determines how many beers you can have on the tap at a time. Residential kegerators usually have single, double, and triple tap options. Four tap kegerators are also available.

If you are in love with a single beer brand then a single tap kegerator will suit your needs in the best way.

But you may like it more if switching up your drafts is your thing. A multi-tap kegerator lets you keep few options at your disposal whenever you like them. Moreover, you can add more taps later on with a kegerator conversion kit.

Placement and Ventilation Requirements

 A kegerator needs proper ventilation because bad quality air circulation shortens the lifespan of an appliance. You can’t miss ventilation when you decide where to place your kegerator. In many freestanding kegerators, the ventilation is on the back-side of the unit.

To work properly, this kind of ventilation needs space between the wall and the back of the unit. Many built-in kegerators have ventilation in the front which lets you install the kegerator on a countertop and make it sit against the wall.

The front ventilation kegerators give a more seamless look.

Pressure Settings

A perfect pour requires perfect pressure regulation. The pressure is measured in PSI (Pounds of Force per Square Inch). Most kegerators have a CO2 regulator and a pressure gauge. They allow you to measure and adjust it.

The right PSI of a kegerator depends on temperature, type of beer, and the kegerator setup. Improper pressure might affect foaminess, carbonation, and even taste.

Most kegerators have all the required equipment to adjust and maintain temperature. Adjusting the PSI is an important function to know in your new kegerator.

Temperature Control and Displays

Most kegerators have a temperature control option also. But as you search, it’s advisable to check a unit’s temperature range. The optimal temperature range depends on your personal choice and the kind of beer you want to stack.

Some kegerators are equipped with a digital temperature display on the outside. This display indicates the temperature on the inside without opening the door.

This is not only convenient but also helps to maintain the cool temperature inside the fridge. Many digital displays also allow you to set the temperature from outside.

Features and Accessories

There are a lot of accessories and kegerators to look for while buying a kegerator. If ease of movement is something that interests you, going for a kegerator with casters and handles is better. The digital display is a common feature for temperature regulation and monitoring.

A dual pressure regulator helps to check the CO2 tank levels and output pressure. Some kegerators also have extra accessories.

The advantage of additional fans is that they prevent overheating. Even mini-kegerators have portable battery packs to keep the appliance cool. Some kegerators come with a cleaning kit, so you don’t have to worry about buying it later.

Ease of Use, Assembly, and Cleaning

Most residential kegerators are designed for easy use and assembly. It’s a thing that most people can handle with basic tools at home.

Post-installation, it’s important to maintain the kegerator with regular services, including taking apart individual components and beer lines and cleaning them properly. Proper cleaning prevents mold, mineral deposits, and bacteria build-up.

Kits and cleaning supplies for cleaning and maintenance are also available.

Since this is a task that you will need to do time and again, going for a unit that is easy to take apart and clean is a much better option.

Noise Level

Noise level is also very important to keep in mind while buying a kegerator. Kegerator is just a form of a refrigerator. In most units, noise is bound to come just like it happens in the case of a fridge. Just like some fridges make more noise than others, kegerators also do the same.

The kegerators that are kept in a garage or on the patio, noise levels might not pose problems. But for smaller kitchens and spaces, noise levels can’t be neglected.

If you plan to keep a kegerator in a space where you live most of the time, buying a quieter unit is a much better option.

Final Verdict

Kegco HK-46 is our top pick in the list of best kegerators of 2021. Just beware of your guests though as they will want to visit you again and again as this beauty gives an out-of-the-world pour and taste.
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